Ilario Alicante (Cocoon Drumcode), Je Sare, Metzger, Crazy ERG

- Ilario Alicante
(Cocoon, Drumcode)

- Je Saré

- Metzger

- Crazy ERG

DJ und Produzenten Ilario Alicante. Der umtriebige Italiener ist momentan in aller Munde – keine Frage, wenn man bereits im zarten Alter von 15 Jahren das Time Warp beschallte und von Acts wie Sven Väth oder Ricardo Villalobos rauf und runter gespielt wurde. Als fester Bestandteil der Cocoon-Agency und mit eigenem Label „Deep Moves“ im Gepäck bespielt Ilario einen Club mit Weltrang nach dem anderen.

Italy is a place where techno has always been not just a trend but a way of life. Everybody knows there are no crowds as lively and energetic as real Italian rave crowds. No wonder the first league of techno worldwide has been dominated by euphonic Italian names for years. Yet, there is a name that cannot be ignored right now: Ilario Alicante. The unsung Italian techno hero brings the original rave energy of his homeland directly to the decks like none other, with no compromises and straight to the floor. A clubber and raver by heart, Ilario knows best what the crowd yearns for: pure frenzy on the dance floor. The restless DJ & producer has already taken apart the biggest clubs & dance floors around the world. Now, it’s finally time for our venue to be torn down to the ground by the powerful sound of this living legend with a furious 3h closing set! In the support duties, we have our very own Still Kids brothers, one of the most versatile new names in our regional circuit, delivering the perfect sound for a now already legendary night.